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First time home buyer tips

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

  1. Buy a home you can afford, as a realtor I have access to a paid site that lets me see foreclosed homes. Every city has them, and it will continue to happen, sometimes its better safe than sorry.

  2. If you are the average person, you have to realize that there is no perfect home and that there will be tradeoffs. For example, at some point you will have to choose between the size (square feet) of the house versus the location of the home. The farther you go from the city, there will be bigger homes for a lesser price, now the tradeoff is that you are far from the city, and you also have to take into account the location of your job, community and city.

  3. Be open to buying a pre-owned home or a foreclosed home if you want to save money. Now it's a bit riskier but if you do your research on the property you can find a good value deal. I will help you in the process and step by step. I'll be the one doing the research for you.

  4. Your mortgage payment can actually go up. Yes , your mortgage can go up ,by taxes going up and a raise in HOA fee.

  5. Don't look for a home by yourself, hire a realtor who has home and city knowledge. That way you don't buy a home you end up regretting.

  6. If you are well off, meaning you have no financial barriers but don't have much knowledge about houses or the city, then let me help you with that since I have prior experience in the home industry and know my way around Houston.

  7. Beware of salesmen, they will do everything in their power to influence you into buying a home. Take a step back look at your options and think logically about the situation. Don't let no one rush you into a major financial decision.

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